As REGBAR family, we have vast knowledge and international experience in the fields of engineering and applications as of 2010. We have carried out important domestic and international projects including on-site applications in many developing fields with regard to manufacturing Reinforcement Couplers, Anchorage, Rock Bolts, Tunnel and Soil Equipment, Pre and Post-Tensioning Systems, Fiber Reinforcements, Steel and Case, Shoring and Steel Constructions.

As REGBAR family aiming at expanding its service quality throughout the world, we have had opportunity to work in many countries such as Qatar, Russia, Libya, UAE, Macedonia, Turkmenistan, Georgia, Saudi Arabia and Iraq. Under the administration of executives experienced in the sector, Regbar aims at being an important brand value expanding from Turkey to the world with its dynamic employees and constantly developing and growing machine park in parallel with technological developments. As Regbar we attach great importance to quality and corporate identity and we have numerous national and international patents and certificates in our field. You can follow our anchorage works in particular on the address of www.ankraj.com.tr.

Adding sustainable values to every life we touch in all areas we focus on with our business mentality, which we have shaped with entrepreneurship, innovativeness and reliability.

Creating value for humanity and economy, respecting the environment and our rivals, having an enterprising and leading spirit and taking part in most successful groups at an international level. To that end, contributing to enrichment of our country and the geographies we carry on a business.