Shear Reinforcement

Punching Shear Reinforcement

Regbar Punching Shear Reinforcement is compatible with EC2 and BS 8110 and enables field work to be carried out much more effectively and efficiently than traditional unsuitable connections. As a prepared system, Regbar Punching Shear Reinforcementis designed to significantly reduce field costs in order to increase construction speed, improve construction quality and reduce dependence on qualified workforce. Manufactured from approved materials under a certified Quality Management System Regbar Punching Shear Reinforcementassures Engineers and Contractors that the material is of a traceable source and is independently tested and verified for use in concrete floors according to BS EN 1992-1-1.

The weight of a supported floor on a column causes shear stress on the floor. These stresses will result in a “drilling” column along the plate if no sufficient and additional reinforcement is provided. This drilling shear is similarly induced on the basis of the column.

Although the drilling shear can be removed by localized thickening of the concrete with lower beams and expanded column heads, construction of flat plates offers many advantages. A consistent head gap can reduce the overall height of the building and can significantly save time and material.

Today, reinforced concrete floors are one of the most popular structural systems in residential, administrative, industrial and many other types of buildings. The system usually consists of locally supported slices. Columns or walls without pillars. Such a configuration optimizes the floor space and saves on the overall height of the building. The floor is generally designed as a two-way floor between the supports to withstand two orthogonal bending moments.

The bending moments are combined with transverse loads in the support zone.

In case of a tension resulting from such a combined loading, the plate may cause failure in drilling operation. Puncture resistance of verification floor is often decisive for defining the thickness of the concrete floor. A plate without vertical reinforcement has very limited resistance to drilling. This resistance may be increased by placingRegbar Punching Shear Reinforcement elements on the reinforced concrete floor in such a way to prevent the concrete.

In addition to increasing floor resistance, Regbar Punching Shear Reinforcement also increases ductility. Regbar Punching Shear Reinforcement is also used as it is on predetermined plates to prevent the shear load.