Walking ways/cat walks are the construction parts that being used for workers during construction. Once the construction is finalised, subject walkways and cat walks are being used for cleaning and/or maintenance. Ihis situation is determined according to the usage areas and purposes. İt is also used for security purposes in bridges, landscaping areas, factories, silos, stadiums, shopping malls, parks and gardens. If the walkways made
of steel construction are made with a project, they are durable and safe and offer along-lasting use. However, depending on the structure of the area to be used, it varies according to the static calculation and the material and design used.

The catwalk is usually built at high elevations and sits on the lower supports (console arm, scissor head, etc.) for short distances, which are made for transportation from one place the another. The catwalks can be made in spans between 40 CM  and 1 meter according to the project details. Catwalks are installed in the areas close to the ceiling of buildings, houses, factories, offices, on the roof ends, on the consoles on the columns or on the heads of the trusses. Production and installation can be done with various equipment depending on the structure of the roof or the area where it is installed. Catwalk features and catwalk measurements vary according to the place to be used, the structure and the load to be exposed.


  • Catwalk or walkways are being manufacturing from different type of material as per request.
  • Project based design.
  • Catwalks are being designed as per the exact request of the Project. Can be used for facades, constructions or installation.
  • Are being designed and manufacturing for easy application.
  • Cat walks are being designed as per national and international codes and standards.
  • Every single detail is being examined during design and manufacturing.
  • Stainless steel of galvanised catwalks hove longer life and minimum cost for maintenance.

How does the application process of catwalks work, which methods and materials are used during this process?

  • Steel and metal stainless materials are used in all catwalk systems.
  • It can be designed according to the needs of the customer in the area to be used.
  • The healthiest from of catwalk is selected considering the installation and exterior, in addition, the relevant weight is calculated statically and the material selection is made accordingly.
  • Production is carried out with high quality materials using a modular system or a fixed system.
  • Professional assembly process is provided by the teams.
  • Installation must be done with certified welding masters.
  • Material selection and welding process should be made with referance to relevant national and international standards.

How can the user benefits of using catwalks be indicated?

Catways are very effective in making dangerous-to-reach areas accessible to users. It is important to manufacture with reference to relevant occupational safety standards and requested safety principles. Thanks to their use, safe working environments can be provided in theater, engineering, decoration, construction work and many other sectors. In elevated positions, it is common for the worker to carry out and complete his work without life-threatening panic, thanks to catwalks. Catwalks are also used to make the use of bridges and smilar areas safer. In other words, the benefits of catwalk in daily life are not countless.