Tunnel Support Equipment




Regbar mainly manufactures the below tunnel support equipment.

We manufacture Rock Bolts and Anchorage, Lattice Girder, Tunnel Lining, Mold Lining and Profile Lining (Profile Arch).

Having a great experience in tunnel equipment, soil stabilization equipment and accessories, Regbar has been involved in numerous subway and tunnel projects regarding application of Umbrella System.

The requested special design products are manufactured in our factory and dispatched to field as ready-to-implement.

Our machine park mainly includes the following;

Profile bending machine, plasma and laser cutting machines, CNC Lathe and Vertical Machining Center, Saws, Gas Metal Arc and Argon Welding Machines, Sheet Cutting Machines and plastic injection machines for protective accessories. All kinds of steel design, manufacturing and application are performed depending on the requirements of projects.

Regbar also sells oils used in tunnels:

Head Seal Grease for Tunnel Boring Machines (TBM)

Tunnel Boring Machine Exclusive Grease Oil

Tunnel boring machines is an exclusive grease oil. It effectively protects the main bearing and prevents soil, protects main bearing seal from water or dust. It is formulated to resist high water and soil pressures and has excellent lubrication and pumping properties, and adheres to all surfaces. It contains biodegradable and renewable raw materials.

Tail Seal Grease for Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM)

Tail Seal Grease for Tunnel Boring Machine

Due to its TSG consistency, it is a pumpable seal. Due to its consistency, this grease does not decompose under high mechanical pressures during tunnel boring and its lubrication property protects the tails. In addition, the product reduces the heat resistance. It reduces the risk of flame formation in the tunnel.