The concrete structures are designed with expansion and contraction joints to ensure the movement takes place. The Shear Pin is used to transfer the slip load across these joints. Design of the joint is important for the correct operation of the overall design of the structure.
Regbar Shear Load Connector offers significant advantages over straight dowel rods. They are more effective in load transfer and compromise movements and are easier to install due to their two-piece structure.
By using Regbar Shear Pin shears, the shear forces are transferred to the reinforced concrete construction with the possibility of uniaxial or bi-axial displacement from joints of construction element.

Regbar Shear Pin elements allow sliding in the direction of the member axis. They are normally used to convey shear loads in any direction. Movable connections prevent formation of uncontrolled cracks and resulting damage caused by leakage and corrosion.

Non-corrosive grade steels in shear pin system are used according to (No. 1.4571, 1.4462, EN 10088-5). In addition, this system contains a single-piece plastic cover. Regbar Shear Pin system does not require official approval.
Depending on application there are four different Cutting Pin System.


-High shear force transfer
-High operating efficiency
-Simple installation
– Fire protection coating (if desired)
-Epoxy coated (if desired)

Description of system