Tie Rod – Tie Back


Regbar offers its customers a wide range of sizes and steel grades for Tie Rod System Assemblies. These can be integrated intoRegbar Sheet Pile or Combination Wall or other retaining walls without any problem. Corrosion protection options are also available. Regbar can offer the customer a complete design feature in accordance with the project requirements.

Tie-Rot (rod-shaft) is a tensioning shaft system used to prevent mold opening in curtain and column molds. Reduces risk in mold construction, improves strength and reliability.

It has spheroidal casting nuts at both ends and optional mirrors (washer) are available.

The Tie-Rod Marine system sections used in maritime, berthing facilities, barge and ship piers and also offshore platforms.

Designed for length adjustment or bar connection after cutting for use in environments of challenging handling.

Corrosion Protection Options

Double Corrosion Protection (DCP)

Hot-dip galvanizing

Epoxy Coating

Band coating


• Weightless mounting with high strength and low cost

• Maximum continuous versatile gear system

• Bidirectional (Right and left mounting)

• Specific corrosion protection for aggressive environments

• Stocking in different sizes

Our solution from design to installation:

Engineering: Regbar receives your project requirements and helps you design and determine an optimized solution.

In the bar product range, three carbon steel grades up to 700 Mpa yield stress and up to twenty four rods / gear diameters up to M 162 provide a match close to material performance requirements and economic use.

Standard anchorage components and sequential rod connectors for easy installation to all types of seawalls.

Corrosion Protection Options are available.

Design references: BS EN 1993-5, ANSI / AISC 360-05, AS 4100