-Standard tensile profile runs along the entire length of the part and allows most standard devices to be placed anywhere between the bars

– Sring steel retaining strap can be manually locked in place for a tool-free installation

– Ready to use outside of the box and eliminates the need for cutting struts

– Pre-cut design, transported and stored more easily than standard strut lengths Your advantages for planning your savings:

– European Technical Assessment (ETA) and CE mark, US approval (ICC-ES), CABR Technical Approval

– Suitable for two-dimensional static loads

– Suitable for use in building components with fire protection requirements

– Suitable for mounting in concrete pressure and concrete tension zones

– High corrosion resistant steel versions are available

– Hot rolled profiles available for fatigue-related effects

Balustrade Fixings

Construction experts consider that Regbar Ballustrade Fixings are particularly suitable for fixing balustrade connections to thin edges of balcony plates.

Easily placed Ballustrade Fixings and corresponding high-tension Regbar Bolts A4 – 70 enable the railing posts to be attached to the surface of concrete plates which are at least 100 mm thick and this provides a reliable and statically robust connection. This is possible with special back anchorage of reinforcement steel with swaged anchor heads.

Cast In Channel Long

Cast in Channel Long embedding channels in beams or columns are ideal for connecting profiled metal plates with self-tapping screws, self-drilling screws or adjusting bolts. Tensile and shear forces can be placed. Cast in Channel Long channels are the perfect technical solution for attaching steel roof sheets to concrete and it is a standard solution for building professionals.

Regbar Curtain Wall System

Regbar Curtain Wall System is used to fix the curtain wall elements quickly, safely and economically to the main structure of the building.

Different brackets are available to allow mounting on the top or edge of concrete plates. Regbar Curtain Wall System connection channel can be used three dimensional, adjustable, quick installation and efficiently recuperate tolerances on-site.