Self Drilling Rockbolts

İbobulon (Self Drilling Rockbolts)

Self-drilling İbobulon (Self Drilling Rockbolts) Drilling Rock Rockbolts do not have to drill a hole, so they can be used even under soft rock conditions.

Suitable for installation with mortar. The hollow steel anchor rod also serves as an injection pipe to facilitate installation. For applications without joint filler, Mechanical Anchor or Expandable Friction Bolt is used.

Suitable for temporary or permanent applications. Optional epoxy coating is available for permanent applications.

Product Features:

3-in-1: Drilling bar acts as an anchor rod and an injection pipe.

There is an insertion system used to achieve a longer tendon length.

The IBOBULON Self-Drilling Rock Bolt is a rock bolting system which is based on a rod with a completely rough threaded punched rod.

Especially recommended for the following applications:

Roof and wall bolt. Strengthening of weak soils in tunnels

A good alternative to rock bolt

Tunnel face reinforcement (face bolting)

Tunnel entrance, Soft Eye reinforcement

Tunnel foot piles

Avalanche prevention barriers

Tunnel portals, ditches, cutting and cover areas

Reinforcement of excavation roads, dams and slopes

Reinforcement of retaining walls and noise barriers

Foundation piles and support piles

Available in diameters from 25 to 76 for Ultimate Load performance up to 1,600 kN.

For permanent applications, an optional epoxy coating can be provided to protect against corrosion.

Unperforated, allows soil protection

Designed according to BS EN 1997-1; BS EN 1537 and BS 7861-1.