All Regbar equipment are designed and manufactured to be installed and operate in factory and field. The machines have CE and related certificates and are used by technicians specialized in provision of high quality service. If needed, fast installation in the field is performed and on-site anchorage and coupler services are provided.

Regbar Couplers comply with; ASTM A706, ASTM A615, ASTM A996, TS708, BS8110, BS4449, ISO 15835 S2, ACI 318, BS8110, ISO 15835 S-1 / S-2, TS500 standards. All Regbar products have been tested and approved by independent laboratories.

Tracking codes are imprinted on all of our products within the scope of REGBAR® Quality Assurance Program . These codes enable us to keep track of the products up to the original steel lot and their manufacturers. Certified Material Test Reports are archived for future use when required.

Our products provide breakage from the reinforcement (rod) under tensile tests.

REGBAR® Mechanical Couplers are designed in the manner that when used with Grade 60 rebar, they can exceed 125% of the yield strength specified in USA.

Bar Break performance for all standard rebar (Q12 – Q56)

REGBAR® Mechanical Connectors are designed to conform with the following:

ACI 318, IBC 2006, BS 8110, Eurocode 2, DIN 1045, TS 500

Our products have been tested by independent laboratories to meet the specified international standards. A detailed breakdown of  test results can be downloaded from our website.