It is used for renovation and extension purposes in the zones of short connecting rods where the reinforcements do not allow to overlapping. Short connecting rods are extended to the distance of overlapping or floor with SOSCOUP coupler and structural continuity is ensured. This system, unlike the gear systems, includes a special lock system based on know-how. Special manufacture bolts and reinforcements butt in this system, the cap is tightened till it broke off and assembly is completed.

System Details:

The body of the Soscoup is made of high quality steel and mounted on the reinforcement bars with bolts. By screwing the bolts into rebar couplers, it provides mechanical locking between the special body in the couplers and the reinforcement bar and the inner wall of the couplers.

Fields of Application

The best reinforcement and repair projects are columns, beams, walls, tanks, car parks, highway bridges, nuclear power plants, diaphragm walls and so on.


Soscoup performs full mechanical junction in tension or compression as required. ACI 318, BS8110, ISO 15835 S -1 / S -2, TS500. It meets ACI 318 Section 21 and international earthquake and structure codes at Type 2 joints.


Codes are imprinted on the couplers in accordance with Regbar Quality Assurance Program. These codes allow tracking of couplers by their original steel and production details.

Epoxy coated steel irons conforming Epoxy & Zinc Cotaing ̶ AST A 775 / A 775M can be inserted using epoxy coated couplers without protecting or removing the epoxy coating from the reinforcement. Zinc (galvanized) rebars can be inserted by means of galvanized couplers. Epoxy coated or galvanized couplers are available upon request. Unless specified, all Soscoup couplers will be delivered uncoated as standard.

Assembly Tools

Soscoup Bolts can be easily mounted with either a manual socket wrench or a standard impact wrench.

Training and Assembly – When Regbar Soscoup Bolts are tightened, bolt heads are bent at turning torque and this ensures optimum interlock between the rebar and inner wall of the coupler.

1- Press the first half of the Soscoup Couplers, the end of the rod till the central stop pin.

2- Tighten the screws  proximodistally to align the bolts. After alignment, tighten the bolts  proximodistally with a spanner wrench until the bolt head is bent.

3- Insert the second rebar

4 – Repeat the process for the second half of the coupler.

When Training and Assembly bolts are tightened, bolt heads are bent at turning torque and this ensures optimum interlock between the rebar and inner wall of the coupler.

These couplers;

  • can be used for reinforcing steel with diameters in the range of 10 mm to 40 mm.
  • Provide integral connection for steel reinforcement.
  • There is no need for threading or any other rod preparation.
  • Fast, simple, easy to use.
  • They are generally used with an electric or pneumatic switch.
  • It doesn’t include any welded component. Provides fully mechanical connection.
  • Visual inspection of correct assembly is easy.
  • Main Applications of Soscoup Couplers:
    • For column construction
    • Expanding or repairing existing structures
    • Connecting the precast element to precast element
    • Closing access openings
    • For the manufacture of reinforcement cage
    • For fatigue applications
  • Soscoup Couplers are used for connecting reinforcement bars of the same size. The product is provided with a pin and a control hole in the middle for correct installation. Breaking bolts are designed to slide at torque.
  • Soscoup Transition Coupler connects rod steels in different diameters. This coupler may help the designer.
  • It ensures economic and reliable optimization of the structure.