Rollcoup® is a scrubbed parallel threaded mechanical insert system designed for Ø12 – 50 mm (ASTM # 4 – # 18) coupler of ferro-concrete reinforcing bars. Rollcoup® solution is supported with a single rebar preparation equipment operated by one operator. Rollcoup® couplers comply with ACI 318, IBC 2006, BS 8110, Eurocode 2, DIN 1045, CalTrans, ASME Sec III Div 2.

A standard Rollcoup® coupler is composed of a parallel threaded rebar coupler and two rods threaded with cold rolling.
Rollcoup® processing of rebars is performed by scraping the threads in turn with an extremely efficient equipment one by one (?). One person is enough to operate the machine.

Rollcoup® threads on the reinforcing bar can be extended from half coupler to full coupler. Thus it allows the same couplers to be used for positional applications (It is not necessary to rotate the rebars to make the connection).