Regbar Lifting System is used in precast industry and suitable for lifting, transporting and assembling the precast.

Some of the advantages of this system are below:

– A large variety of lifting sockets,

– Simple and secure connection,

– Lifting systems can be reused,

– CE conformity system. All Regbar Lifting Systems, has CE marking which guarantees conformity with Europe.

Regbar Lifting Systems combines a hoisting anchor embedded in the concrete unit and a lifting device.

Regbar Lifting System is in conformity with design for technical instructions, German rule VDI / BV-BS6205.


Regbar Lifting Socket Anchorages is designed for bearing various precast concrete elements between 1.3 and load range.15 tons of Anchorage consists of a steel slot that provides the load distributed on the concrete and a press threaded socket.

Upper lifting anchorages are available with a metric thread and round thread.


Lifting Socket with Barrier (Anchor) is composed of a stainless steel (SS) Regbar Bushing and an anchorage leg made of reinforcing steel.

The bushing is processed on both sides and barrier is obtained in the middle. This prevents leakage of water or other abrasive substances.


Lifting Slings can be used with any type of anchor and threaded socket. Suitable for most of the lifting situations, especially in construction site operations. Periodically controlled products are suitable for re-use.

The Gear Lifting Strap should only be assembled on the concrete unit and should be used after the concrete strength reaches 15MPa.


THREADED SWIVEL EYE can be used for anchors with threaded sockets. They are especially suitable for most lifting situations. They are more suitable for turning and tilting than lifting systems made of steel wire and box.

THREADED SWIVEL EYE is made of high quality steel and designed with safety factor. Each Lifting System is tested separately on 3 levels of working load and delivered with a unique certificate. Threaded Rotary Eye  should only be assembled on the concrete unit and should be used after the concrete strength reaches 15 MPa. Generally they will be disassembled after the concrete elements are assembled. This lifting system is suitable for use with a threaded socket.

Spherical Head Anchor

The Spherical Head Anchor is poured with a detachable hole mold to the concrete and can be used to carry the loads in every direction. Anchors with a load capacity of up to 450 KN are available. Universal head lifting connections can be locked in the anchor in seconds to ensure lifting and transport of the unit.