Regbar Strong Anchor Platesare designed to transfer heavy loads in the load-bearing structures of the concrete frame. The headed rebar anchors of Regbar Strong Anchoring Plates are optimized for easy installation, even in dense reinforcement. Connection plates are steel parts that are assembled before hardening of the concrete. The plates transfer the loads from the plate to concrete structure. Structural fixings are made by welding the steel plate.

Regbar Strong Anchor Plates are especially suitable for heavy industrial structures. Rebar anchors with stud head also provide structural connections for thinning concrete structures. Regbar Strong Anchor Plates are also available in extra long diameters to eliminate the need for additional reinforcement.

• No commercial or technical limitation, free cross-border movement of products is possible.

• Ease of design; Pre-calculated capacities can be used together with Eurocode anywhere in European Union.

• Products are authorized to get CE marking. The products meet the required quality and safety criteria.

• Pre-calculated capacities accelerate design work.

• Standardized products provide fast delivery directly from the warehouse.

• A wide range of material options and combinations enables usage even in the most demanding situations.

• Different types of fixing plates are available for any loading situation.

Regbar Strong Anchor Plates, have various sizes from 100 mm x 100 mm to 600 mm x 600 mm, which meets all standard anchorage needs. The plate thickness varies from 15 mm to 50 mm and effective product depth ranges from 220 mm to 955 mm. Plates and studs are available in a variety of material combinations.

To meet customer-specific needs dimensions and shapes of Regbar Strong Anchoring Plates can be changed. On request, nail lugs and other components can be drilled on the plate. For example, shear anchors can be welded to the plate.

All Regbar Strong Anchor Platesare CE marked according to ETA-16/0430 and fulfill all basic requirements specified for anchor plates. ETA is the only way to determine the appropriate behavior throughout the product life cycle during product performance and manufacture. Regbar Anchor Platesare products and concrete members purposefully designed to be used to create a welded connection between reinforced concrete and steel. (?) Head studs stabilize the forces. Bending moments allow the transfer of normal and sliding movements from others to concrete elements.

Regbar Anchor Plates head studs embedded in concrete and the surface of the steel plate are not covered with concrete and forms a welding surface for the concrete.