Tension & Compression Systems

Tension Bar

Connecting rods are used not only structurally but also architecturally in structures and buildings. Regbar Tension Rod are designed to meet the challenging aesthetic requirements of today’s applications.

Regbar Tension Rod provides perfect combination of stainless steel connection rod system, corrosion resistance and aesthetics upon request. In the nominal size range from M8 to M100, there is virtually no limit to support. Regbar Tension Rod is designed to transmit tensile and compression forces.

Regbar Tension Rod is usually purchased with suitable fork-end dippers for connection to the host structure. Typical applications include hangers and supports, cross linking and shear support elements.

A series of different strength grades and surface qualities are available to meet all technical and aesthetic requirements.

System advantages:

● Regbar Tension Rod system is monolithic.

● Compression bar system is used with stainless steel versions up to Europe Technical Approval ETA-04/0038 M160 for nominal dimensions which meet the desired tension load.

● Cast steel fork connectors work on the tie rod system up to 9,568 kN with high strength.

● All components are stable at low temperatures (min. 27J / -20 ° C).

● Fork locked pinned lock system provides homogeneous load distribution.

● All rod components are available in hot galvanized version.

● Controlled pre-tension is possible.