Parallel threaded reinforcement anchorage head provides opportunity for a simpler and efficient anchorage as an alternative to conventional reinforcement anchorage elements such as a miter in the concrete. It is preferably used at the starting and ending points of buildings and subway constructions, particularly in narrow areas where overlapping is not possible. It saves material and labor caused by angulation. This way the area needed to pour concrete and vibration is enlarged, consolidation capacity of the concrete is enhanced, cost of concrete placing is decreased and the quality of the concrete poured on-site is increased.

1 short threaded rebar

1 protective plastic cap

1 Headcoup Coupler

It operates with a bearing area which is five-fold of the cross-sectional area of reinforcing bar, head bearing capacity and a combination of the anchorage. Minimum length of anchorage required for angulation should be calculated by the structural engineer in accordance with the code provisions based on reinforcement degree and concrete grade.

Since there is no bending radius, extension length of a termination headed rebar is typically shorter than the extension length of the miter.

Big ends which have a net bearing area ten times bigger than the cross-sectional area of the reinforcing bar ensure strength of the concrete and improves the yield strength of rebars without exceeding the endurance strength of the concrete.

Reinforcing Bar Couplers- Sleeved Reinforcing Bars

Overlapped inserts are not suitable tools to couple rebars at all times. Using Regbar Reinforcing Rebar Couplers simplifies design and construction or reinforced concrete and reduces the amount of bars. Regbar Mechanical Reinforcement Couplers provide solutions for construction reinforcement bundles such as overlap and welding.

Our strategy is offering more affordable and extremely safe rebar inserts as compared to the options of overlapping and welding. RegbarMechanical Reinforcement Couplersand equipment are economic, safe, designer-friendly and easily applicable. In brief, Regbar provides matchless benefits and higher earnings to its customers!

In the Overlapping Method, concrete is needed for load transfer. In addition, when the reinforcement reaches the zone of leakage  and its diameter changes, clamping ends and the joint doesn’t work. At joints made by Regbar Reinforcing Rebar Couplerssuch clamping is not needed and thus, the joint continues to take on load in keeping with the tensile strength. It delivers outstanding performance at cold joints formed between the floor columns.

Comparison Of Overlapping Visual For More Information Why Reinforcement Coupler

Regbar Upset Parallel Thread Rebar Couplerscover the processes of cutting bars, cold heading and high profile tangential threading of rebar ends by using Regbar equipment designed for this purpose.

This method provides larger diameter reinforcement ends for thread cutting and loss of cross-section equilibrium. Ends of the rebars previously cut by rebar manufacturers/subcontractors in the field have an undulated surface.

Regbar recommends utilization of professional, highly efficient, cost-effective Reinforcing Rebar Couplers which prevent intensive rebar loss and reduce labor time by professional rebar applicators.

Production Stages

ARegbar Upset Parallel Thread Equipment Setconsists of a rebar cutter or a hacksaw, a high-pressure cold press and a section (cutting ?) thread cutting machine designed for ribbed rebars.


As seen in the attached photos of the mobile equipment quickly installed on-site, our products facilitate threading the rebars in the field and since the reinforcements are not transported for threading, cost of logistics decrease. All machinery and equipment are designed and manufactured by Regbar. The quality of our equipment are CE and ISO 9001 certified. The equipment is shipped to the field in the container area ready for operation and it contains Cold Forging Press, Rebar Thread Cutting Machine, Band Saw and Grinding Machine.

Image of the equipment

All equipment, tools, formworks and accessories are designed and manufactured by Regbar.