The DOUBLECOUP Series System is designed to exceed the capacities, flows and stresses, and compression, full plastic, cyclic loading of A706 and A615 reinforcement steel (reinforcing bars). At joints specified as 175% fy, it will provide usable ductility by the rebar when needed.

In a reinforcement project, it can be used as a standard coupler that adds new reinforcement to existing bars or as a position/transition coupler that adds a number of bars in the pre-connected reinforcement cages. Safe performance of the insert and simple quality control become less sensitive to the conditions in the field.

The Doublecoup Series couplers (Rebar Coupler) are designed to exceed stress and increase the cross-sectional properties of the bar, by contrast with the products that reduce the tensile strength of the reinforcing bar. Enables fast and on-site assembly. It significantly increases the constructional production rate especially in coupler and cage manufacturing.


  • Uses enlarged and inflated heads that can occur continuously on it.
  • Doublecoup Series couplers easily adapt to constantly changing area.
  • Unlike welding and many other insertion processes, it enables mechanical connection.
  • Doublecoup Series couplers are easy to assemble in the field.
  • Once the assembly is completed, it can be quickly checked only visually.