Regbar Fiberglass Composite Rebar (FRP Composite Reinforcement) is a composite reinforcement used instead of corroded classic steel reinforcements. It has higher strength than steel, lighter, tested and approved. It can be used in many fields.

Regbar Fiber Rebar rod reinforcement is not rusted even in the worst weather conditions.

-It is not affected by salt, chemical substances and the alkalinity in the concrete.

– When V.ROD reinforcement rod is used in structures exposed to de-icing salt, seawater and chemical substances, the structure will have a longer life-span.

-Regbar Fiber Rebar is an ideal solution forbridges, subway soft-eye applications, areas under magnetic fields at hospitals, concrete roads, bridge decks, bridge kerbs, pier covers, sidewalks, barrier walls, sound barriers, airport taxiways, water supply and treatment plants, wave breakers, piers and sets, ports, parking garages, salt depots, swimming pools, industrial areas, desalination entries etc.

Concrete has been used as construction material due to its high compressive strength, durability and low cost for a long time. However, its known weaknesses are brittleness and limited tensile strength. This has been overcome by using steel reinforcement bars (rebars) on the tension side of concrete constructions. Steel rebar is functionally efficient and relatively cheap, so in most cases this solution works. However, steel rebar has its own weakness: it is sensitive to corrosion (oxidation) when it is exposed to salts, aggressive chemicals, and moisture. Steel rebar inflates and increases the tension load on the concrete as it is corroded and this leads to cracking and spillage. It forms gaps which decompose the steel and concrete more and faster. This requires costly repairs and maintenance and can endanger the integrity of the structure if allowed to proceed sufficiently. Numerous types of linings and penetrants have been used for decades to dehumidify the concrete and rebars are improved by using epoxy coating or stainless steel. However, it is not always possible to prevent corrosion in the long term. Furthermore, the attitude of steel rebar in vector orientation of electric and magnetic fields prevents it to work on the specified concrete for some power generation, medical/scientific imaging, nuclear and electrical/electronic applications. The fiber reinforcement works in a magnetic environment without disturbing structural integrity and without being affected compared to steel reinforcement. Regbar Fiber Rebars eliminate these weaknesses at the application site.

Main advantages:

• Corrosion Resistance

• Robustness

• Durability

• Easy placement & Easy cutting

• Electromagnetic neutrality

• Lightness Greater tensile strength than steel

• Transparent to magnetic fields and radio frequencies

• Electrically and thermally non-conductive

• Chloride ion and chemical attack impermeable