Regbar Threaded Joints are the most appropriate solution for reinforced concrete constructions and all joints. Regbar Threaded Joints can be used in any combination. Due to the versatility of threaded joints, they can reinforce almost all joints. A single and same joint bar can be used for all threaded (dişi mi dişli mi) bars. Position socket, bars that cannot be moved and rotated axially. For example for crane openings on the ceiling. Threaded joint anchorages, available for joints with short anchorage lengths.


– High fatigue strength in bridge structures.

– Cyclically changing loads even in an earthquake.

– Heavy loads in nuclear power plants.

– No need for special tools and torque wrench is not needed for screwing. A plain visual observation is sufficient.

– A wide range of accessories, socket bars and pre-prepared formwork fasteners save installation time and ensure safe fastening to formworks.

– Color coded covers explicitly indicate the diameter.

– Reinforcement diameter varies between 12 – 40 mm.

– System components are color coded to assign the system components easily.

– Safe installation with simple visual control, no need for torque wrench.