Mechanical Reinforcement Coupler

Presscoup coupler is a modification coupler. At points where reinforcement ores are short and there is no reinforcement overlap distanceSpecial Production Regbar Portable Pressesallow pressing in the field without threading and inserting rebars. Prescoup couplers are blank and single-piece couplers. The length of Prescoup couplers are half of the length of couplers and only one length (Half of the length of L1 coupler) is needed on the rebar. This length varies for each rebar/coupler dimension.

Cleaning and Marking the Reinforcements

As the bars don’t have threads, Swage type couplers need a clean and smooth reinforcement. Reinforcement insert needs to be cleaned before production. Bad ends should be cut to have clean ends.

Positioning of Swage Press

It has two types of presses. One is portable, the other is fixed. If possible a fixed (bench) pressure press is used for prefabrication of the worksite and a portable press when a rebar is assembled (to re-assemble).

Processing in the Field with Portable Press

Reinforcement bars should be placed with minimum 7 cm intervals in the same direction and 14 cm vertically between rebars to safely work with portable swage press. (?) Application of Prescoup couplers in the field is rather simple and quick. In brief;

1. Place Prescoup couplers on the first rebar.

2. Place the joint on the first rebar with compression press in the direction of the mark on the rebar.

3. Attach the insert bar, align and then ring the coupler to rebar with the portable replacement press Minimum numbers of presses by portable press are given in the table below.