Plastic Spacers Elements

Plastic Spacers Elements / Plastic Protective Caps

Rebar Caps

Rebar caps are produced in order to prevent corrosion of the rebars after concrete casting in the field, in the stock area or damages of thread profiles. Each diameter is coded with a separate color code.

Concrete Caps;

They are designed not to lose zero-zero connection end of the element embedded in concrete especially in subway and topdown projects. Following the concrete casting with this system added to zero rebar end, taper tap is removed and a better connection is ensured with frontal opening.

Corrugated Pipe is made of corrosion-resistant plastic raw material. Despite its light weight, it has a shock-absorbing property.

Anchorage Spacers

Anchorage Spacers do not interfere with the flow of injection material during the injection of the soil. It holds the anchor parts in one piece and protects product integrity.

Anchorage Connectors are designed with porous eyes as Anchorage Spacers so they don’t prevent the flow of injection.

Anchorage Pipe Caps

They are designed to be attached to starting and ending points of anchorage pipes. They prevent possible deformation of the material with its impermeability.

What is Antirust Margin ?

Antirust Margin is technically defined as “the thickness measured up to the end of the concrete outside the most outer reinforcement inside a concrete element”. We can talk about many reasons that cause corrosion in the reinforced concrete rebars. Risk of corrosion increases due to the environment especially in projects close to marinas, dams and sea. In order to make the concrete and iron work properly on the same axis, Antirust Margin pieces take on an important task to protect irons from external effects, ensure desired rebar density and full protection against corrosion.

Heavy Floor Antirust Margin

It is a footed system antirust margin which ensures the antirust margin range in horizontal iron reinforcements in the foundations. These plastic equipment can be easily used in heavy iron equipment.

Profile Type Plastic Antirust Margin

Rail type mesh floor antirust margin is preferred for large area flooring works and paneled wire mesh as it provides great convenience and facilitates the process. The upper hook is designed to carry iron. It can be conveniently used in horizontal and vertical flooring. It can be extended by attaching them to each other with the mounting apparatus at the ends.

Curtain and Column Type Antirust Margin

Ideal for use in curtain and column iron molds. They are produced in sizes suitable for iron in different diameters. Their coupling feet enable them to grip irons with different diameters. Their porous structure doesn’t prevent concrete transition and form voids in the concrete. When they are attached to stirrups, they provide the desired gap between the mold and reinforcement to obtain optimum efficiency. They are manufactured in different heights in accordance with irons in different diameters.

Circular Type Plastic Antirust Margin

This type of antirust margin provides great convenience when used in wide area flooring and steel mesh, easily grips simple iron by two iron grip bulges at the top. They are laid on the surface at proper intervals.

Rock Bolt Spacer

They regularly tighten the anchorage elements and keep them together due to their structure which doesn’t prevent flow of the injection material in soil anchorages but they also separate them from each other and allow the injection cover every element. Thus they increase the adherence. These pieces increase adherence especially in rehabilitation of soil rock bolts.

Mold Oils

Mold oil is applied between concrete and mold. They are various kinds of oil applied as a thin layer between the concrete and mold to obtain a smooth concrete surface, decrease erosion of the concrete and remove the mold easily from concrete.