Insulated Systems

Regbar Insulated Connectorsminimizes heat loss while maintaining structural integrity. They provide a thermal fission by adding a material with low thermal conductivity between highly conductive elements and mostly secure a local insulation at the joint.
They transfer moment, shear, stress and compression forces as a critical structural component. Standard solutions are available for applications from concrete-to-concrete, steel-to-concrete and steel-to-steel.

Steel Connection
Regbar Steel System, is a compact thermal breakage system which is typically used to connect steel balconies to structural steel frames but they are equally suitable for other steel-steel applications. It includes tension and compression components in a single compact unit wrapped with polystyrene insulation. Each unit is equipped with four A4 stainless steel fixing studs and one thermoset plate at each steel interface. They are supplied as standard with galvanized steel compacting component or as stainless steel version upon request.

Steel-to-Concrete Connection
Steel-to-Concrete System binds steel balconies and concrete pavement slabs together. The two-piece setup including a thermal anchor and a fixed bend placed on the main piece allows disposed in the spacer allows phased structure. Supplied as standard with galvanized steel bend or stainless steel bend upon request.