Cryogenic Reinforcing Bar Couplers Iron Insertion systems are an extension of the existing Regbar reinforced concrete reinforcement product line. Our products provide the ideal jointing solution for rebars in Cryogenic applications.

It is typically preferred in LNG and LPG storage tank projects and in projects carried out at low temperature. It should be indicated when cryogenic quality rebars are used or in normal conditions or emergencies.


  • It provides improved performance and reliability at cryogenic temperatures (-165 ° C / -265 ° F).

  • It can be used for a wide variety of applications.

 • Small coupler diameter helps to minimize cover and remove congestion.

  • It doesn’t necessitate high profile threads, locking nut and ensures positive locking, nonslip connection.

  • It does not require special skills and labor costs are low.


Cryogenic couplers are intended to be used at ambiance temperatures in designed reinforced concrete structures.

They are manufactured in compliance with main international construction rules such as ACI® 318 Types 1 and 2, DIN1045 and BS8110.

Cryogenic temperatures meet or exceed the tensile strength of the joint and yield strength of unnotched rod.

This is known as the Notch Sensitivity Ratio (NSR).