Rebend Connection


Regbar Reband Connection (Reinforcement Ore Systems) is designed and manufactured to ensure continuity of reinforcement in the construction joints in concrete.

The mold design is simplified and the shutter is not needed to be opened. Each unit consists of a hollow galvanized steel body to provide an effective concrete bond. The pre-bending rods are placed in the box, and the guard is fixed with a plasticized steel cover suitable for heavy duty service. When the cover is removed, the bars can be made ready to move to the main reinforcement.

Pre-bent bars are concealed in a galvanized steel box and can be straightened if necessary. This system improves security in the work site and ensures a quick on-site connection and quick connection in prefabricated buildings.

Regbar Reinforcement Continuity (Reinforcement Ore System) is designed according to Eurocode. It provides transfer of longitudinal and transverse tensile forces and shear to hinges. Transverse sliding resistance of the hinge is significantly increased by combining Regbar Reinforcement Continuity (Reinforcement Ore System) with shear reinforcement.

When the water inlet potential along the construction joint is a major concern, Regbar Reinforcement Ore System (Joint Reinforcement) can be provided with a hydrostatic gasket which protects against moisture permeability along the joint face. This system, which creates a new connection to absorb shear forces; also provides the connection of reinforced concrete components produced and turned into concrete at a series of construction phases with reinforcement connections and rational mold systems and locked by force.

Based on coordinated geometry according to Eurocode and National Annex, reinforcement standard and special connections meet the maximum requirement of the recessed co-design.

Material entry depends on the relevant national requirements.


– Simplification of molds in concrete processing joints

– No need to drill the molds.

-Steel reinforcement complies with the specific requirements of the countries.

– Germany and standard: Reinforced concrete reinforcement B500B (WR),

– According to DIN 488

– Very high ductility reinforcement steel B500C, WPZ 3.1 (DIN EN 10204)

– Austria: In conformity with B550 00 “Tempcore 55”, ÖNORM B 4200-7, 1987.04 edition

– The Netherlands: B500B (WR), KOMO certified

– Italy: B450C DM 14.01.2008

– Sweden: In conformity with EN 10080: 2005 + SS 212540: 2011 K500B-KR, GlobeCert AB

– Steel casing: cold rolled steel strip according to DIN – EN 10130, DC 01

– Steel cover: cold rolled steel strip according to DIN – EN 10130, DC 01

– Galvanized steel casing / depending on requirements of steel: hot-dip galvanized steel

-Band according to DIN EN 10326/10327

– Impermeability plugs: PS polystyrene covers (they should be removed after opening reinforcement casing) are produced.