Nut Washer Eyebolt

It contains different types of Nut & Washer Couplers. Regbar manufactures each coupler in accordance with the norms to facilitate your field application. You can contact us to be informed about various nuts, washers and eye bolts. Hexagon nuts, fibered nuts, wheel nuts, rail nuts, flange nuts, fly nuts, square nuts and nuts with rotating washer produced by Regbar conform to DIN 934, DIN 6915 ASME B18 2.2, EN ISO 4032, DIN 928,DIN 985, DIN 935, DIN 1587, EN ISO 4033, DIN 982 and DIN 980 standards.

Certified eye bolts and ring bolts suitable to bear Eye Bolt Regbar Concrete blocks, concrete cylinders, machinery, equipment, template cages, precast concrete and suspension systems are produced in accordance with safety factors pursuant to DIN 580. If proper bolt assembly and lifting procedures are not performed, the loads may slip or fall.

A falling load may lead to serious injuries or death.

Regular Nut Eye Bolt G-291

Inspection / Maintenance Safety:

Always check the bolt before use.

Never use a bolt that shows indications of wear or damage.

Never use a bolt if the eye or stem is twisted or extended.

Always ensure that the shaft and holes are threaded.