Construction in precast concrete is gaining popularity all over the world.

Structures which were previously constructed with cast-in-place concrete are now constructed with precast reinforced concrete. It is necessary to increase the special rebar insertion systems to facilitate this process. Regbar Coupled Inserts provide structural integrity of precast concrete.

As Regbar, we have developed couplers that strengthen the bar joint and increase continuity of the joint.

Groutcoup couplers work with reinforcements between # 5 (16 mm) and # 18 (57 mm).

The result is a robust, reliable and strong rebar fastener.

It is undeniably efficient because misalignment and closing are not required.

Flexibility and productivity in construction time, cost and aesthetic are obtained in the design and application of precast concrete elements for architects and engineers. Column, beam and curtain walls can now be effectively placed inside. Produces solutions at no cost in projects where segmental precast concrete is used.