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Regbar Multi-String Prestressed Systems, have been used for years in the construction of bridges, buildings, tanks and many other structures that require engineering reinforcement and support elements. Regbar provides Design and Development, Engineering, Production and Supply Installation, Technical Training, Installation Supervision, Inspection or Maintenance services for Prestressing Systems. Regbar Pre Stressing Systems are known for its superior load bearing performance, durability and simple design. Regbar Pre Stressing Systemssignificantly contributes to long life of structures by virtue of its high-quality corrosion protection methods. They are used on slopes such as Regbar Anchor and Pile Systems and related product lines and for geotechnical applications as excavation stabilization in a wide range.


Diameter and number of the tendon materials, dimensions of load distribution plate, diameter of anchor head and number of holes, number of anchor grips are calculated according to the anchor loads depending on the project. Regbar anchor heads are available in all sizes and diameters in our stocks.

Anchor heads and grips are designed according to types and number of spiral steel ropes that form the tendon. Threaded grip clamps-grips are used to fasten the anchor tendons to head plate.


Regbar produces plates in desired dimensions in line with the measurements and demands in the project.

Regbar Anchorage Plates can be prepared as special production according to demand and need in addition to standard holes. In addition, the plates can be made of stainless steel on request for projects that are sensitive to corrosion. For protection of plates and threads, Regbar recommends protective hats suitable for your project.


They are protective accessories to protect the threads and delivered products and to take measure against rusting.

It is placed in the center of the stud and prevents the product from sliding.

Steel Protective Hats: