Friccoup Standard Couplers are suitable for connecting two bars where two rods of the same diameter are rotated.

Rebar Couplers are delivered to the site as welded to suitable reinforcements. Formation of the joint is achieved by screwing the male and female parts of the couplers together. The joint must be tightened using a wrench until more movement is possible between two sections.

Unlike other systems, manufacturing on the rebar is obtained by Friction welding in coupled rebar method.

All products are designed to transfer the full tensile capacity for rebar. Thus, both inserted rebar yield and tensile capacity can be used.

  • Meets all the requirements of ISO 15835 Mechanical reinforcement couplers (including fatigue and earthquake classes).
  • Switching to different sizes of reinforcement bars is available.
  • Mechanical properties that meet the ductility requirements of reinforcing steel
  • Characteristic yield strength of 600 MPa according to EN 10080.
  • Can be combined with other hot rolled products.
  • It can be delivered with a nailed flange.
  • It can be manufactured from stainless steel and also from special stainless steel rebar.